About Aliscom


A leader actor of the French market

Aliscom, company of the Alphacom group (created in the eighties displaying today a 60 million euros turnover), occupies a dominating position on the French market in the field of electronic products distribution. The company is ranking at the first place on the market of Motorola’s walkie-talkies distribution on the market in France, and is regularly extending the range of new products designed for the large public and semi-professional market.


…devoted to the world of retail

Thanks to its ability to purchase on large scale basis, Aliscom is expert in offering to its clients in the world of redistribution the most competitive prices. The size of the stocks, the efficiency in the deliveries of the products and the qualifications “ISO 9001/2001” of its technical department are the resources of this company, and one can rely on as an associate in the world of retail